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HealthStats Community Profile Reports, Contents and Usage

What Are Community Snapshot Reports?

The HealthStats Community Snapshot Reports are dynamic summary tables and footnotes that use existing HealthStats Indicator Reports to display data for a North Carolina community, along with comparison data for North Carolina and the United States, where available.

The Indicator Report must include a graphical view with data for a community type such as local health department or county in order to be included in the Community Snapshot Report for any communities of that type. For instance, in order to see a summary of data for Wake County, the Indicator Report must have a graphical view and data for counties.

The only community type available on HealthStats now is county.

Community Snapshot Report Content and Navigation

Each Community Snapshot Report contains the following information:

  • Report title that provides the name of the community and what Indicators are included in the Snapshot.
  • Introductory text that includes an overview of the Snapshot and a general description of the Indicator group included in the report (default is all Indicators that have a graphical view for the community type).
  • The Snapshot table with the following columns:
    • Indicator
      • The text in the link comes from the graphical view title. Clicking on the link takes the user to the Indicator's graphical view for the community type.
      • The type of statistic is in parentheses and comes from the graph's y-axis label.
      • The text with the Indicator definition comes from the Indicator's main page.
    • Community Data
      • Count/Rate - the Indicator count or rate for the community.
      • Confidence Interval - the 95 percent confidence interval for the community measure where applicable.
    • Comparison Values
      • North Carolina - state rate where available.
      • United States - national rate where available.
  • Table Footnotes
    • Default - Those automatically included for each Indicator in the Snapshot.
      • Indicator name link - clicking on this link will take the user to the Indicator's community graphical view.
      • Data Sources
      • Date Indicator Content Last Updated
    • Additional optional footnotes - the user must check these fields in Step 3 of the Snapshot Selection Page.
      • Data Notes
      • Why Is It Important?
      • Numerator and Denominator Definitions

How to Cite Community Snapshot Reports

Use and reproduction of the information published on this website are encouraged and may be done without permission. Please refer to the HealthStats Citation page for suggested citations.

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