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HealthStats Indicator Reports Contents and Usage

What Is an Indicator?

An indicator is a numeric measure that depicts the status of a population or a health system on a core public health construct.

What Are Indicator Reports?

An Indicator Report contains numerical and contextual data for a specific public health issue. Each Indicator Report has a graph (or several graphs) to give a picture of the data. Text is also provided to answer the most commonly asked questions about the specific indicator addressed.

After looking at the Indicator Report for a specific measure, if more detailed numerical data are needed, Contact SCHS.

Accessing Indicator Reports

HealthStats has many Indicator Reports currently published. You can find indicators in two ways:

  • Alphabetical Index - Indicators are listed in alphabetical order by their titles.
  • Categorized Index - Indicators are placed in any of several categorization schemes, such as by program, by data source or by HP2010 focus area, etc.

Indicator Profile Graphs

Each indicator has a default graph that comes up on the indicator main page. Below the graph the data source is listed as well a link, 'View Graph Values', which is a table of data points used in the graph. Other Views (if any) are listed below the data source.

Indicator Profile Navigation Buttons

Below are descriptions of each of the pages available from the left navigation buttons.

  • Important Facts

    The Important Facts page shows, at a minimum, the following sections:

    • Definition
    • Numerator
    • Denominator
    • Why Is This Important?

    Other available sections include:

    • Data Interpretation Issues
    • Other Objectives
    • How Does North Carolina Compare with the United States?
    • How Are We Doing?
    • What Is Being Done?
    • Other Program Information

  • Graphical Views

    The Graphical Views button lists all the views available for this indicator. The graph views are also listed on the main page under "Other Views."

  • Available Services

    If there are services available to the public in regards to this indicator they are listed on the Available Services page.

  • Other Resources & Links

    The Other Resources & Links page lists other places where more information can be found for this indicator.

  • Complete Profile

    The Complete Profile lists all the information available for this indicator on one page. It includes everything from the above pages as well as all graphical views and their data tables.

How to Cite Indicator Reports

Use and reproduction of the information published on this website is encouraged and may be done without permission. Please refer to the Citation page for suggested citations.

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