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Important Facts for Adult Diabetes Prevalence


Diabetes prevalence estimates are based on survey responses to the question: "Have you ever been told by a doctor that you have diabetes?" The measure represents the percent of adult respondents who responded "
"yes" to the question.


Number of adults aged 18 years and older who reported they had been told that they have diabetes


Number of adults aged 18 years and older responding to the BRFSS survey

Data Interpretation Issues

Since the estimates are based on a sample and not the entire population, the percentage of adults with diabetes may differ from the "true" prevalence of that characteristic in the North Carolina population simply by chance. We report confidence intervals which take this error into account and present a range in which the "true value" is likely to fall.

For more information on how to interpret confidence intervals, please see:

Why Is This Important?

"The majority (90%-95%) of all people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes, formerly known as non-insulin dependent or adult-onset diabetes. Diabetes can lead to serious and costly health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Overweight/obesity and being older are risk factors for diabetes." - North Carolina Institute of Medicine. Healthy North Carolina 2020: A Better State of Health.

Other Objectives

Healthy North Carolina 2020

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