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Important Facts for HIV Infection Diagnoses


Rate of newly reported cases of HIV by date of diagnosis per 100,000 population.


Number of persons newly diagnosed with HIV


Total resident population

Why Is This Important?

"An estimated 35,000 North Carolinians have HIV/AIDS (including those who are unaware of their status). Furthermore, HIV/AIDS was the seventh leading cause of death among 25- to 44-year-olds in 2007." - North Carolina Institute of Medicine. Healthy North Carolina 2020: A Better State of Health.

Other Objectives

Healthy North Carolina 2020

How Are We Doing?

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
HIV Surveillance reports, the 2010 rate for North Carolina was 17.8 new cases of HIV per 100,000 population. The total number of new HIV diagnoses in North Carolina was 1,487 in 2010, down from a peak of 1,812 new diagnoses in 2008.

What Is Being Done?

In 2006, North Carolina developed and began to implement three effective and integrated HIV/AIDS prevention and care strategies, which are: 1) identifying new cases of HIV early; 2) linking newly identified HIV-positive individuals into care and treatment programs; and, 3) keeping HIV-positive individuals in care and treatment.

Other Program Information

NC DHHS, Programs and Services: HIV/STD Prevention & Care
North Carolina HIV/STD Reports, Epidemiology Section, Division of Public Health
NC Healthy Schools, HIV/STD Prevention

State Center for Health Statistics, N.C. Division of Public Health, Telephone: 919-733-4728, Fax: 919-733-8485
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