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Important Facts for Infant Mortality


Infant deaths represent all resident deaths of a live born infant under one year of age at the time of death.


All resident deaths of a live born infant less than one year of age at the time of death


Total number of resident live births

Why Is This Important?

"Over 1,000 babies (under age 1) died in 2009 in North Carolina. The most prevalent causes of infant mortality are birth defects, prematurity, low birth weight, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)." - North Carolina Institute of Medicine. Healthy North Carolina 2020: A Better State of Health.

Other Objectives

Healthy North Carolina 2020

How Are We Doing?

In 2010, North Carolina's infant mortality rate was the lowest in the state's history. However, the infant mortality rate in North Carolina remains higher than the national rate, and racial disparities remain.

What Is Being Done?

Targeted Infant Mortality Reduction Projects: Targeted Infant Mortality Reduction (TIMR) provides funding to local health departments for maternal and infant health services in counties with especially high rates and numbers of infant deaths.

Healthy Beginnings: Healthy Beginnings is North Carolina's minority infant mortality reduction program. Resources are provided to community and faith-based organizations along with local health departments to implement programs and partner with communities of color.

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