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Introduction to HealthStats Indicator Reports

Welcome to the HealthStats Indicator Reports page. A health indicator is a numeric measure that depicts the status of a population or a health system on a core public health construct. An indicator report, sometimes referred to as an indicator profile, provides online numerical data for a health indicator as well as its public health context, including what the current status is and what is being done to improve it.

Indicator reports provide an overview of a specific public health issue in North Carolina. For more detailed information about Indicator Reports see the Indicator Report Contents and Usage page.

Getting Started

  1. Since there are many Indicator Reports to choose from, several indexes exist to help find and select the desired report.
    • Categorized Index - Indicators are placed in one or more of several categorization schemes, such as by program, by data source or by HP2010 focus area, etc.
    • Alphabetical Index - All available indicator reports are listed in alphabetical order by their titles.
  2. Select the indicator report.
  3. View additional indicator report information by using the indicator report page's left hand navigation menu. This menu allows viewing important facts, other charts, numerical data table, related indicators, related links and the complete report.

News and Updates

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