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Welcome to the HealthStats Indicator Report Alphabetical Index. To view an indicator report, click on the item's title located in the following list. The Indicator Report Categorized Index page is also available. The categorized index provides a hierarchical folder tree selection menu that shows the available indicator reports organized by topic or subject area.

Indicator Report Published Date
Adult Diabetes Prevalence 04/11/2014
Adults Meeting Physical Activity Recommendations 05/21/2012
Adults Reporting Good, Very Good or Excellent Health 01/20/2012
Adults Who Are Current Smokers 04/11/2014
Adults Who Are Neither Overweight nor Obese 02/19/2013
Adults Who Consume Five or More Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per Day 01/20/2012
Adults With Permanent Teeth Removed 01/20/2012
Alzheimer's Disease Deaths 05/06/2013
Bladder Cancer Incidence 03/27/2013
Breast Cancer Deaths (Female Only) 05/02/2013
Breast Cancer Incidence (Female Only) 03/28/2013
Cancer Deaths (All Cancers) 05/06/2013
Cancer Incidence (All Cancers) 04/02/2013
Cardiovascular Deaths 04/11/2014
Cerebrovascular Disease Deaths 04/19/2013
Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis Deaths 04/19/2013
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Deaths 04/19/2013
Colon and Rectum Cancer Incidence 03/27/2013
Colon, Rectum and Anus Cancer Deaths 04/19/2013
Colorectal Cancer Deaths 04/19/2013
Community Water Systems with no MCL Violations 02/12/2013
Diabetes Deaths 04/19/2013
Endocrine Cancer Incidence 03/27/2013
Food Establishments - Critical Violations 02/12/2013
Four-Year Cohort High School Graduation Rate 09/19/2012
HIV Infection Diagnoses 11/30/2012
Heart Disease Deaths 04/11/2014
High School Students Reporting Current Use of Tobacco Products 05/06/2013
High School Students Who Are Neither Overweight nor Obese 04/11/2014
High School Students Who Had Alcohol 05/06/2013
Homicide 01/23/2013
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Deaths 04/19/2013
Immunization - Childhood Coverage with Recommended Vaccines 02/12/2013
Infant Mortality 04/11/2014
Infant Mortality Disparities between African Americans and Whites 04/11/2014
Kidney Cancer Incidence 03/27/2013
Kindergartners With Decayed, Missing or Filled Teeth 05/06/2013
Life Expectancy at Birth 04/11/2014
Lung and Bronchus Cancer Incidence 03/27/2013
Medicaid-Enrolled Children Receiving Dental Services 04/02/2013
Melanoma Incidence 03/27/2013
Mental Health Related Emergency Department Visits 02/12/2013
Motor Vehicle Injuries (Unintentional) Deaths 05/03/2013
Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephrosis Deaths 04/19/2013
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Incidence 04/02/2013
Ozone Standard Met 02/12/2013
Pneumonia and Influenza Deaths 02/01/2013
Poor Mental Health Days 11/07/2012
Positive Chlamydia Test 11/30/2012
Poverty 12/03/2012
Prostate Cancer Deaths 05/02/2013
Prostate Cancer Incidence 03/27/2013
Rental Housing Cost 01/19/2012
Reported Illicit Drug Use 02/12/2013
Secondhand Smoke Exposure in the Workplace 04/11/2014
Septicemia Deaths 04/19/2013
Suicide 02/01/2013
Total Deaths - All Causes 04/19/2013
Trachea, Bronchus, and Lung Cancer Deaths 04/19/2013
Traffic Crashes that Are Alcohol-Related 12/03/2012
Uninsured Non-elderly Individuals 05/06/2013
Unintended Pregnancy 04/11/2014
Unintentional Falls Deaths 04/11/2014
Unintentional Injury Deaths (Excluding Motor Vehicle Injuries) 05/03/2013
Unintentional Poisoning Deaths 04/11/2014
Uterine Cancer Rates 04/02/2013
Women Who Smoke During Pregnancy 05/06/2013
Work-Related Injury Mortality 04/19/2013
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