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Indicator Report - Uterine Cancer Rates North Carolina vs. United States, 1999-2009

Why Is This Important?

Cancer of the uterus was the ninth most frequently occurring cancer in North Carolina from 2006 to 2010.

Uterine Cancer Rates North Carolina vs. United States, 1999-2009

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Data Notes

Produced by the NC Central Cancer Registry, 1/2013. Rates based on counts less than 16 are unstable. Use with caution. Cases may not sum to totals due to unknown or other values. Rates are calculated using the bridged-race population estimates obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics available online at Numbers are subject to change as files are updated. *Counts less than five are suppressed.  Hispanic ethnicity is independent of race. Hispanic ethnicity is determined by self-report and the National Hispanic Identification Algorithm available online at Approximately 17 percent of patients of American Indian race are reported as a different race. Therefore, cancer incidence for American Indians is assumed to be underestimated (Yankaskas BC, Knight K, Fleg A, Rao, C. Misclassification of American Indian Race in State Cancer Data among Non-federally Recognized Indians in North Carolina. Journal of Registry Management. 2009;36(1):7-11.).

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Cancer incidence are all cases of malignant uterine cancer diagnosed.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator: All cases of malignant uterine cancer
Denominator: Total number of female residents in North Carolina

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