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Data for Average Number of Critical Violations per Restaurant/Food Stand North Carolina vs. HNC 2020 Target, 2009-2011

North Carolina vs. HNC2020 Year Average Number of Violations
North Carolina 2009 6.1
North Carolina 2011 6.5
HNC 2020 Target 2009 5.5
HNC 2020 Target 2011 5.5

Data Notes

This measure was derived from information collected from the North Carolina Environmental Health. Information is collected via the Food Service Establishment Inspection Form.  The HNC 2020 target, which is the target to be reached by 2020, is repeated in the data table for graphing purposes.


"Critical Violation Risk Factors" are those contributing factors that increase the chance of developing food-borne illness and are categorized into Employee Health, Good Hygienic Practices, Preventing Contamination by Hands, Approved Source, Protection from Contamination, and Potentially Hazardous Food.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator: Number critical violations identified
Denominator: Total food establishments

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