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Data for Percentage of Adults Getting the Recommended Amount of Physical Activity by Education, 2009

Education Level Percentage of Adults Lower Limit Upper Limit
Less Than High School 38.5% 33.0% 44.3%
H.S. Grad or G.E.D. 43.8% 40.6% 47.0%
Some Post High School 47.7% 44.5% 50.9%
College Graduate 51.2% 48.9% 53.5%

Data Sources

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, State Center for Health Statistics 

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Adults are counted as meeting the recommendation if they indicate that they engage in moderate physical activity for 30 or more minutes per day, five or more days per week or vigorous physical activity for 20 or more minutes per day, three or more days per week.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator: Number of adults aged 18 years and older who report meeting the physical activity recommendations.
Denominator: Number of adults aged 18 years and older responding to the BRFSS survey

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