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Data for Unintended Pregnancies North Carolina vs. HNC 2020 Target, 2007-2011

North Carolina vs. HNC2020 Year Percentage of Mothers Lower Limit Upper Limit
North Carolina 2007 39.8% 36.9% 42.9%
North Carolina 2008 43.9% 41.0% 47.0%
North Carolina 2009 44.6% 41.3% 48.0%
North Carolina 2010 45.2% 41.6% 48.9%
North Carolina 2011 42.7% 39.1% 46.4%
HNC 2020 Target 2007 30.9%
HNC 2020 Target 2008 30.9%
HNC 2020 Target 2009 30.9%
HNC 2020 Target 2010 30.9%
HNC 2020 Target 2011 30.9%

Data Notes

This measure is based on data from the North Carolina Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (NC PRAMS). NC PRAMS is an annual Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey that collects data on maternal attitudes and experiences prior to, during and immediately after pregnancy for a sample of North Carolina women who have recently given birth.  The HNC 2020 target, which is the target to be reached by 2020, is repeated in the data table for graphing purposes.

Data Sources

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), State Center for Health Statistics 

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Unintended pregnancy percentages are based on mother's self-reported responses to the question: "Thinking back to just before you got pregnant with your new baby, how did you feel about becoming pregnant?" Mothers who reported that they "wanted to be pregnant later" or that they "didn't want to be pregnant then or at any time in the future" were considered to have had unintended pregnancies.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator: Number of new mothers who had unintended pregnancies
Denominator: Number of new mothers surveyed

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