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Data for Mortality Rate From Work-Related Injuries North Carolina vs. HNC 2020 Target, 2008-2010

North Carolina vs. HNC2020 Year Deaths per 100,000 Equivalent Full-Time Workers Numerator
North Carolina 2008 3.9 161
North Carolina 2009 3.3 129
North Carolina 2010 3.5 139
HNC 2020 Target 2008 3.5
HNC 2020 Target 2009 3.5
HNC 2020 Target 2010 3.5

Data Notes

The HNC 2020 target, which is the target to be reached by 2020, is repeated in the data table for graphing purposes.

Data Sources

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 


Mortality Rate from work-related injuries per 100,000 full time workers

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator: Number of fatal occupational injuries
Denominator: Full-time equivalent workers

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